Hormone Replacement Therapy vs Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Going through the symptoms associated with menopause and other conditions involving hormonal imbalance can be overwhelmingly difficult. So much so that thousands of Americans seek to obtain hormone replacement therapy. This form of treatment is available at naturopathic doctor centers in Phoenix. The naturopathic doctors in Arizona can answer all of your questions and concerns […]


ANTICANCER DIET PLAN Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases which claims many lives every year , in women breast cancer , cervical cancer and ovarian cancer and in men oral cancers , intestinal malignancies and prostrate cancers are the key offenders . There are some key messages which are important to be known to […]

Undesirable Breath

The things that cause bad breath ? Unpleasant mouth odor is a kind of health condition that greately influences the day-to-day lifestyle of somany citizens. The offenssive smell from the mouth is unpleasent to those who come in close contact with terrible breathers. The issue will be doubled by psychological trauma leading to unhappiness. The […]