Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases which claims many lives every year , in women breast cancer , cervical cancer and ovarian cancer and in men oral cancers , intestinal malignancies and prostrate cancers are the key offenders . There are some key messages which are important to be known to prevent or manage malignancies .

Avoid carcinogens as far as possible

Many carcinogens are avoidable like smoking , chewing tobacco , pan masala and excessive alcohol . By controlling them a big drop in cancers is seen in the people.

Taking precautions when working with hazardous chemicals and gases , the Bhopal gas tragedy was an extreme case , but even without it there are some people who are at a higher risk of cancer who work with chemicals and some gases.

Avoid pre cancerous chemicals in foods and environment – there are many chemicals which come through the foods and environment and the less of highly processed foods we eat and try to prefer the fresh foods , the better chances of avoiding the pre cancerous carcinogens .

Foods which protect against cancers

Foods which protect against cancers have to be foods with vital energy and such foods are in the category of fresh foods . Foods like fresh vegetables and fruits along with whole grains are a good source of preventive foods . To give some examples.

Green vegetables Рin the winter one can eat lots of green leafy vegetable lightly saut̩ed like palak , methi , bathua , green leafy vegetables should be carefully washed to avoid worms and then cooked . They can also be eaten in the form of soups , rolled in rotis , vegetables and in dal ( dal-palak is an excellent combination ) green vegetables have special compounds which neutralize the cancerous chemicals.

Yellow , red and white vegetables – cauliflower , carrot , beetroot are some of the vitamin and enzyme rich vegetables which are cancer protective .
Onion and garlic – particularly people who are non vegetarians need these two in their diet as they have sulforapane and indoles which specifically protect against cancer.

Avoiding meat , pork and switching to fish is a better choice to prevent cancers . heavy meats are directly linked to cancers and all the new researches have conclusively indicated that switching to lean meats and preferably a more vegetarian based diet is useful to prevent cancers.

One of the very cancerous process of cooking meats is grilling or searing over high flame , this creates nitrosamines and heterocyclic compounds which may lead to cancer.


Some of the herbs which are beneficial are the herbs which primarily work as antioxidants to destroy the cancer cell membranes , they also make the environment less acidic by bringing in more alkali based ions to the cells as many cancers thrive in an acidic environment where the toxin accumulation is very high and also the oxygen levels are low.

The herbs are guggul , turmeric ( haldi ) ashwagandha , tulsi , triphala , shatavri , manjistha , chaparral.
Cancer management is a lifestyle management also because some components of cancer management like positive visualizations are powerful but they need time to go deep into the system and heal it.

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