Learn More About Pomegranate Juice and Your Prostate

Believe it or not pomegranate is packed with properties for good health. That’s both fact and a proverb. But some would say it’s truly a wonder fruit when it comes to your prostate.

A rich source of antioxidants and phytochemicals, this fruit can play a role in lowering cholesterol and keeping your joints healthy as well. Plus when it comes to prostate cancer and pomegranate juice, well things are looking even more promising. At least according to some studies. Seems that the more of the juice you drink the more apt you are to keep any such cancer in check.

What’s so unique about pomegranate?

Well, it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, not to mention potent polyphenols. In fact this juice packs three times more antioxidants than your typical green tea. As a result it may be found to be a health cocktail. One that improves blood flow to the heart, while lowering cholesterol and for some even slowing breast cancer.

Specifically the ellagitannin compounds (ET) present in pomegranate juice have very good health promoting properties . For one apparently the ability to delay the development of prostate cancer. In fact, ETs seem to act like a prostate cancer cell seeking missile — honing in specifically on prostate cancer cells. Which gives you a way to have part of your diet work much like chemotherapy does.

Besides that it may be able to slow the return of recurrent prostate cancer.

Also research is starting to show that 8 ounces of this juice taken daily can work wonders for those with prostate cancer. Not only this there is an element of prostate cancer prevention at work too.

Though further study and research is going on to analyze its properties at work here, there is little doubt as to its ability to suppress prostate cancer. Plus drinking 8 ounces of juice per day for 5 years or more is also considered safe. Meaning that attempt at prevention hasn’t been associated with any side effects.

Even if the results are promising they’re still somewhat preliminary. So it’s definitely too early to say if the curative powers of pomegranate work for all with prostate cancer. Until that is confirmed there’s nothing saying you can’t enjoy your daily dose of pomegranate juice to improve your prostate health. Who knows? It may bestow a yet to be understood ways to ward off prostate problems. So that eventually pomegranate juice may be found to live up to the promise of prostate protector.

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