Reduce Breast Cancer Through Exercise

Breast cancer has got to be one of the scariest things for women today. It is all over the place, constantly women are being diagnosed with cancer and there seems to be very little that ladies can do to prevent this.

The Save the Ta-Ta’s was started and that has done a good number in raising awareness and getting money to help ladies who have been diagnosed with the illness. Though, it is still a problem and every day some lady is diagnosed with cancer.

According to Leslie Bernstien, Ph.D., breast cancer can be countered with normal exercise. Leslie’s studies show that ovarian hormones are a strong determinant that precursors breast cancer.

She goes on to reveal how exercising can offset the menstrual cycle, thus cause depreciated amounts of ovarian hormone to pulse through the blood stream. It seems almost too easy, that you could simple exercise and start preventing tumors from appearing in your body.

Along with exercise proper nutrition will do a great deal to prevent any kind of horrible cancer. The body is constantly in battle with itself, down at a cellular level any way.

Germs are constantly fighting anti-bodies and free radicals are always trying to get the upper hand on anti-oxidants. If a free radical affects one cell, that single cell can then duplicate and spread like a cancer, because it would literally be a cancer.

Anti-oxidants, found in different vitamins, are going to go down acting like boarder control, shutting down the free radicals before they can infect any living organism. With proper nutrition and with proper exercise it is possible to not only prevent cancer, but also to combat it.

In Leslie’s report she had over five hundred test subjects and proved that exercise can significantly improve conditions of breast cancer. So if you know of someone who is suffering from this terrible disease try to be supportive of them and take them out to go exercise.

Becoming their exercise buddy may be the most beneficial thing you can do for that person. Take them to a gym and get them signed up on a membership or just try to get them to go jogging with you.

If you are the one with breast cancer, then it is imperative that you start exercising. Think not about doing it to beat cancer, but about how much fun it is.

Exercise does a lot for the body: it creates endorphins and releases stress, not to mention it is going to make you fit and slender. So there is no reason not to start exercising no matter who you are.

Help fight against breast cancer and start exercising one way or another today.

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