How to Get Relief From Heart Burn?

Heart burn can be very well defined as a condition when you start feeling burning or aching sensation in your chest. The causes of this heart burn could be many like the heart burn could be because of relentless and infrequent with some form of intervention. Yet another cause of this heart burn can be due to stomach acid irritating the lining of your esophagus of the stomach. Ingestion of some kind of solid or liquid form of foods which are also responsible for the cause of acid formation in the stomach.

The heart burn can be mistaken sometimes for some types of pain experienced with the heart attacks. Sometimes, the irritation of esophagus is very severe and it results in the spasms of the esophagus. There are counter antacids which are used to relieve from the earlier pains of the heart burn. These counter antacids are Maalox, Mylanta and gaviscon. If the symptoms are more severe then few of the antacids which can relieve are zantac, pepsid, tagament, or the now available proton pump inhibitors like prilosic, nexium, protonix etc. But sometimes it may happen that the symptoms exists even after 30 days, in that case some doctor must be consulted.

There are many medications being performed for the severe evaluation including upper gastro intestinal or esophagogastrodueduodenoscopy(EGD). This is a test of upper GI where barium, which is a liquid chaulk is drunk and then x ray is followed. This EGD also involves long flexible scope which is inserted through the mouth and is passed down the esophagus and the stomach.

When too much of stomach acid is produced, it leads to a condition or the disease known as Zollinger Ellison Syndrome. This results in severe recurrent stomach ulcers. If you find yourself at the risk of this disease then you must visit a doctor and laboratory testing could be done. Some of the other measures which also help you to decrease heart burn are elevating the heat bed, not eating anything after 6PM, discontinuing of drinking of coffee and tea and drink. Some antacids are also useful in these situations which are taken before the meal.

You may be prescribed with some antacids which can be taken when the symptoms are not very harsh. There are certain other medicines which are taken for immediate relief for this pain of heart burn like Maalox, gaviscon, tums, Rolaids work etc. These medicines are generally eaten before the meal. There are H2 antagonists that are also helpful in relieving the pain and this is done by the inhibition of the production of acid in the stomach.

There are these proton pump inhibitors too, the most popular of which is Nexium or otherwise known as esomeprazole. Nexium is generally taken at severe conditions and with proper consultation of doctor. Nexium or Esomeprazole has few common side-effects too, but are a very good medication for heartburn. You can buy nexium in medical stores as all these medicines are nowadays, everywhere available in medical store as well as other groceries. You must seek the advice of the doctor as the severity of the symptoms of the heart burn or the seriousness may lead to some other diseases which might prove to be unfavorable later on. Sometimes, this severity may also result in stomach cancer so each of the symptoms must not be neglected and proper treatment should be made.

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