Getting rid of my split ends

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My hair has always been frizzy and fragile and no matter how often I cut it, after a few weeks split ends begin to reappear. I don’t know about other women, but before I got the Jaguar hot scissors haircuts, I had tried everything. Various treatments on the market both natural and vitamin-based, all these masks that didn’t do anything along with a variety of drying and washing techniques that were very stressful and time-consuming. This was up until a year ago, when one of my friends read about this new haircutting technique that was supposed to do wonders for your hair. Of course, after having tried so many treatments, I was very skeptical, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. To my surprise, I noticed a result from the first haircut. My hair became easier to work with and even though eventually it began to split again, this happened much later, so I actually managed to grow it by an inch, before having to cut it again.

I had no idea that hot scissors for hair can be so good. Since curling and flat irons can really do some damage, I was tempted to think that these scissors would be the same. But what they actually do is they seal the end of your hair and thus prevent it from losing its moisture. I continued to get a hot scissor haircut every three months or so and these days I get one every six months. I can say that my hair has grown about three inches and I have a great chance to have the long hair I have always dreamed of, but never managed to have because of my split ends. Many women that I have talked with are afraid of getting burnt while having their haircut, but that has never happened to me. I suppose it depends on the skills of your stylist, but this type of haircut is very safe and it is not uncomfortable at all. I asked my stylist and he uses the jaguar hot scissors. I suppose there are several types, but as far as I am concerned, these ones did wonders for my hair.

Those who have not tried this type of haircut before and have the same problems I did, should definitely try it. For me it was the only thing that worked and I am very glad someone told me about it. This type of haircut is a bit more expensive than a normal one, but when you have split ends and have done everything else to get rid of them, this is definitely worth the investment. You do not have to cut your hair with hot scissors every time, but definitely introduce this type of haircut in your routine and you will notice the difference. There are many salons that offer Jaguar hot scissors haircuts, so you should not have any problems in finding one in your city. I chose Poza Salon from Charlotte, North Carolina.

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