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SOMA Elections Tomorrow (Monday) at Officer’s Meeting

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Hey everybody!  Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to any of SOMA’s amazing shows this week.  We should have pictures and video from the MP3 Experiment, The Open Mic, and the Good Life Concert soon.  So now we’re all looking forward to working on our new events:

Thats why Elections are this Monday at 7:30 in our office (room 305 of the HUB).  We’ll be doing this at the same time we normally have our Officer’s Meeting.  Now remember, this is phase one of the Elections.  IN the near future, new positions will be opening up.  Until then, you have the opportunity to run for the following positions.  So far we’ve seen lots of new talented people in SOMA, and we would love to have all of you make a greater impact.

Secretary– Basically, you help SOMA by taking notes at meetings of what cool things we come up with and you help keep us on track at meetings.  Also, this position in particular is a stepping stone for higher up positions, and is an easy way to help SOMA!  Major requirements: Can you attend meetings? and can you write at said meetings?

Arts Crawl Chair–  The Arts Crawl Chair gets to bring people together in order to help organize our Annual Arts Crawl.  Temporarily there are photos online of last years Crawl at
As part of the position, you would be overseeing the event and finding people to help you run it.  Its a fun event that we coordinate with the VASA (the Visual Artists Student Alliance or something like that).  We describe the event as a 3 Building Block Party with art, music, and food in every room. Featuring musical tour guides.

Synthesis Chair– SOMA Synthesis is an event we ran our first year.  Its basically a music video festival where we find bands and we find films and we do our best to integrate them into one show.  This year we were also talking about working with the Student Film Organization to make a few music videos for these bands so that the integration will be even better.  There are also a few pictures of the event at:
Also, make sure to look at the SOMA Funk Show because that had a very similar vibe from SOMA Synthesis  (Rumor has it that theres is a homemade dance music video floating around from this event featuring certain SOMA members).  As said before, all you have to be is creative and driven and some commitment.

Open Mic Chair– We do monthly Open Mics. This Chair works with the Residence Halls to (1) reserve the rooms each month, (2) get the sound equipment from Res Life, (3) get promotion rolling for the Open Mics.  Not  very hard, but very rewarding. In fact none of these Chair positions are crazy hard, but they let you help out a lot.

Social/ Fundraising Chair– You throw socials and events for SOMA peoples. Also, you keep on the lookout for ways to raise money for SOMA.  Must do at least one fundraiser per semester.

Concert Advisor– The Concert Advisor Chair will be expected to advise and help out anyone who is looking to book bands for SOMA shows. They should know how to book bands, make contracts, and get the sound and venue ready.  Also the concert advisor will spearhead our large concert which we hold every year (ie: The Good Life, Boys Like Girls, Apollo Sunshine).  Some familiarity with running shows is advised for this position..

So yea, lots of super fun stuff you can run for.  The Chair positions just require that you are creative and that you are driven to make an event happen.  You don’t necessarily need knowledge in event planning though, because we’ll help you figure out the logistics (but it does help greatly). Also, all positions are 2 semester terms, so you’d want to be here in the spring.  And its super important that you can make officer meetings or setup your own committee meetings especially when your event is in the planning stages.  Clearly the secretary has to be able to come to meetings haha.

Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in running for any of these positions or if you have any questions about these positions.  For those who want to run, when you send us the email saying that you’re running, please tell us what other commitments you have (clubs and night classes).

Also, please email us ASAP to let us know if you cannot make the 7:30 Monday meeting time or you would be late.  Because we really want to give these cool opportunities to everyone who wants the chance.  So let us know if you can’t be there and we’ll try and work something fair out.  Thanks guys again for making this week so damn special. Help us continue to make SOMA the best damn club on campus.

Danny Greene
President of SOMA
The Students Organizing the Multiple Arts

club email:
[email protected]

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