Why you need to take more meals a day to lose weight

It has always been said by many that a person needs to eat three meals a day breakfast, lunch, and then dinner. Three meals a day seems easy enough but is this really the best for our body or would it be better to eat, let’s says, five meals a day. The answer many say is it is better to eat multiple meals throughout the day.

The human body is a very amazing machine but let’s face it has its limitations; no matter how hard you try it can only digest food at a certain speed. What this means is that when you only eat three meals you are overloading your body with calories. This may seem confusing so let’s break it down further with some explaining.

John Doe wakes up to eat breakfast he eats a sizable portion roughly equal to 800 calories but maybe his body only requires the nourishment of 450 calories what happens to the excess.

Simple, like all excess calories in the body it will be stored as fat, the one thing we are all trying to trim. It works this way with every meal if we break up our meals into smaller portions the problem can be solved.

Eating smaller meals will allow the body to properly absorb the required nutrients it requires without having to store excess energy as fat. This is not the only benefit however when we break up our meals it means we eat more often.

Why is this good thing? Because people often feel much less hungry after waiting only two to three hours between meals as opposed to five or six. When we wait to eat for those long stretches it can be taxing on our bodies.

Most don’t realize but we are burning fuel all day, a lot of carbohydrates are going to be burnt no matter what. When it has been five or six hours since your last meal your blood sugar is going to begin to get low.

This causes cravings galore mainly for unhealthy sugary foods and drinks. Not to mention that if the body runs to low on carbohydrates it may begin to break down muscle to steal amino acids to change into carbohydrates.

Eating the smaller balanced meals will prevent this low blood sugar and will also help prevent insulin spikes from eating those unhealthy sugar snacks. It is also very important to make these meals healthy. It doesn’t make since to pack up a small lunch consisting of a couple Twinkies and a few snack cakes.

These are horrible snacks to eat these are full of fats and processed sugars making it pointless as you will be getting a calorie overload which is what we are trying to avoid.

Try to eat fruits and vegetables, maybe some meat and crackers. Look for foods with complex carbohydrates and good amounts of protein and your body will thank you in the end. It is easy to tell the advantages of eating multiple smaller meals throughout the day instead of three larger ones so start trying a new diet now to help lead a healthier life.

If you want to lose weight and get rid of unwanted fat, try taking more but smaller meals a day. Make sure the foods you are eating are well balanced for your body. But how would you know if your diet is well balanced for your body type?

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