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Fascinating Wedding Favors

It is the smaller details and finishing touches which you add to your wedding which make it more personal to you both. And wedding favors are a perfect example of this. Not only are favors a way of thanking your guests for joining you on such a special occasion but they also add the perfect decorative touch to your tables, helping to unify and coordinate your wedding scheme.

For many brides the choice of wedding favors comes with many difficult decisions. The favor market is brimming with fantastic little gifts and there is a wealth of ideas available for the finished presentation. All of which can leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed with having to choose the right favor for you.

When it comes to choosing wedding favors there are a couple of things you will need to take into consideration including:

  • Your wedding style and/or theme
  • Your chosen wedding colors
  • Your budget
  • Your own personal style and taste

This last one may seem a little tricky but in actual fact all it really means is that you choose wedding favors that you yourself would like to receive (i.e. you like them!). Coordinating them to your wedding style and/or theme is very important as it helps to unify the whole scheme you have designed and so thoughtfully put together. Matching them with your wedding colors goes without saying, as not matching them would make them stick out like a sore thumb!

So really now all you are left with is choosing the favor itself. It maybe something edible such as candies, cookies or chocolates; perhaps a candle or scented soaps; or maybe your budget will stretch to items such as stylish chrome bottle stoppers or coaster sets. Aside from the favor itself you will need to think about how you package them. Favor stores are full of wonderful little boxes and bags in which to stash your wedding favors and there will also be a wide choice of tags, labels, ribbons and decorations.

It can be a nice idea to make your packaging something different. Traditional favor packaging includes small boxes in various shapes, voile bags and tulle nets. But the modern bride has a whole host of other packaging options available and any one of which can make your favors stand out and fascinate your guests. Look out for:

  • Mini Chinese take-out boxes
  • Aluminum tins in round, square or heart shapes
  • Novelty packaging such as mini suitcase tins, themed boxes or themed holders such as Cinderella’s carriage
  • Mini bamboo steamers
  • Mini picnic baskets
  • Mini birds nests
  • Mini metal pails

Often it is not the favor itself that makes it memorable to your guests, but the amount of thought and effort that has gone into its presentations and finished design. The addition of personalized ribbon, faux or even fresh flowers, decorative objects such as butterflies and even personalized labels with nice thank you message, will all make them extra special to your guests.

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Mae Andrea is a professional writer who collects wedding favors and wedding related articles. She is working with a wedding social networking company that caters to all the wedding needs of brides in almost every major center in America.

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