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Galacto’s Astronomy Services is a small business I started last year in Tucson, AZ. so that I could offer my
astronomy services to resorts around town who are scheduling corporate parties, social events, private parties, and
I wanted to do it legally. So I acquired a business license and distributed fliers and business cards to all of the resorts
in Tucson.

I’ve been into astronomy since we moved to Tucson in 1999 and have owned 13 telescopes during that time period.
I’ve tried every type available and I have to tell you, the Starmaster is by far the best visual scope available to the
public. The optics are incredible and the scope is very user friendly.

I gained most of my experience while I was working as an astronomer and telescope operator at a private
observatory / bed and breakfast for a couple of years. I also belong to the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association
here in Tucson.

I really enjoy webcam imaging with my telescope. One of my goals is to sell the videos that I capture. The Registax
software which is required to process and stack the video frames is free.

Each lunar video is about 400 frames and planets are 1200 frames. You select what percentage of the best frames
you want to use, the software sorts through them and stacks the selected frames. Then you make adjustments to
color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. The final image is yours. Almost all of the images in my gallery were
created this way. ┬áIt’s perfect for someone who doesn’t own a telescope but enjoys working with images.

Contact me by email if you are interested in my videos and images.

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