Reconditions the body and gives back its natural ability to process dairy.

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Editorial Review: Lactagen is the only real solution to lactose intolerance. It’s not a temporary supplement, but a one-time, 38-day program. The Lactagen program uses a proprietary blend of natural minerals and sugars which is dissolved in a water-soluble powder and taken with certain meals during a 38-day period.The specially designed program helps the body recondition itself to digest dairy products without painful and embarrassing side effects.

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Slow but steady, 2008-06-03
After the 38 days, I could drink milk without having side effects, but I couldn’t push it. Slowly but steadily I started being able to drink more and more!

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Didn’t work – and still trying to get $ back after 6 months, 2008-05-22
I took the product exactly as stated, and I saw minor improvement while taking it (could have been that I was purposely avoiding products with lactose as stated by the plan), by the time I finished the 38-day process, I was just like when I started. I followed the return instructions to the letter and after 6 months, many emails and calls, I am still waiting. And I even have proof of delivery confirmation! The nice lady that answers the phone will string you along…

My suggestion: If you try it and you don’t see improvement withing the first couple weeks, return it and dispute it with your credit card company right away and don’t let the 60 day dispute time frame expire. Good luck!

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try it but be aware it may not work, 2007-09-03
I followed the lactagen program to the letter and on the 38th day I did have a glass of milk without the usual horrible symptoms but I did have terrible flatulence. As I consumed more dairy over the next 4 weeks it seemed to get worse and worse. I stopped having any dairy after one terrible night in the bathroom. It may work for some but just be aware that your intolerance may return. At least they offer a 6 mo return policy which I am going to request this week. Let’s hope they give me my money back.

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