Espresso machine reviews – part 2

Breville 800ESXL Espresso Machine is TO DIE FOR! Review

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Breville welcomes the new 800ESXL espresso machine! The Breville 800ESXL Commercial 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast espresso maker is a fantastic machine and at an affordable price. Check for best prices by clicking this link

This machine looks almost as good as it makes coffee, the 15 bar pump of the attractive 12 by 10 by 12-1/2 inches 800ESXL gives you just the perfect amount of pressure and a lovely, cream on top of the ultimate shot of espresso.


I won this model and a year supply of Espresso coffee from a local radio station. I had a baby Gaggia before and several others over the years.

I have used this for a month now and it works perfectly each and every time and is a breeze to clean up. Remember how your coffee is ground and the quality of it can make the difference. I always get dry cups, I have never had any clogging and as for the frothing, this is the first machine that makes it perfect each and every time, and I have hated my past machines I had since they could not froth the milk properly. I am using Whole milk each time.

while I am not a fan of Stainless Steel, it is a beautiful machine and heats up fast, although I always run one pass without coffee then wait 5 minutes and it is oerfect. My luck, when I read the instruction book, I noticed that the Company is located 5 minutes from my home, just around the corner, should I have any problems.

I recommend this to model to everyone. I drink several cups a day of espresso, cafe au lait, etc. .. I have been doing this for years and this machine produces outstanding coffee for the price.

It might take you several grinds to find the perfect one, but once you do, there will be dry pucks after you make it and a perfect cup of coffee.

The the Breville die cast 800ESXL machine is just like having a professional version in your own home only that it is more user friendly and easier to clean and maintain.

Just read some of the 800ESXL reviews of customers to see what other people think about this modern and stylish espresso machine.

Here is a bargain at at the moment Act NOW as you can save quite some money if you act TODAY.

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