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Susa or in Farsi Shush was once among the greatest cities of ancient Persia, first the center of Elamites (3000-645 BC) and then the political and administrative capital of Darius (ruled 522-684BC) and other Persian Kings. Now it is a small city with vast archeological sites. The remaining of Apadana Palace, the very interesting museum of Susa, the excavated vast area of Elamite’s city, a magnificent French castle (built between 1897-1912 by French archeologists) and the once important Jewish pilgrimage site, the tomb of Daniel (built in 1871), are the attractions that you will see in Susa. 

Susa is located in Khuzestan province, in the lower Zagros Mountains about 250 km east of the Tigris River, between the Karkheh and Dez Rivers.

The ancient city in Susa that the Ziggurat is located in it was called Dur Untash and King Untash Gal was the one who built this Ziggurat and dedicated it to Inshushinak, the chief god of the Elamite pantheon and patron of Shush. The impressive Ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil, built in 1250 BC is undoubtedly the best surviving building of Elamite architecture. 

Definitely you will be surprised to see how this abandoned world’s largest brick temple could survive in the vast plains of Khuzestan with no governmental control over it for about 3000 years

Ahwaz is the 7th largest city in Iran and the capital of Khuzestan Province. Located in the southwest of Iran


Population of Ahwaz (National Census 2011): 1,113,000

Population of Khuzestan Province (National Census 2011): 4,532,000


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