The Power of Healthy Relationships

Turns out, healthy relationships are good for your health…

“People who are married are healthier, live longer, and report more happiness, compared to people who are not married,” says UCLA psychologist Theodore Robles, PhD.

In addition to enjoying the benefits of an increased lifespan, married couples have a decreased likelihood of health disorders, such as heart disease and stroke.

But… Why?
here are several reasons for this phenomenon.

  1. Studies have shown that happy couples tend to take fewer risks. They’re less likely to neglect their health, or otherwise endanger themselves.
  2. Social isolation leads to depression leads to poor personal hygiene.
  3. Your spouse/partner may remind you to wash behind your ears. Believe it or not, those nagging little reminders actually do affect your health. So the next time your spouse tells you to put down the fried chicken, say thanks!
    1. Married couples are more likely to take their doctors advice.

The better your relationship, the better your health.

While unhealthy relationships tend to manifest differently in men and women, relationship stress affects your immune system, which may lead to substance abuse, hypertension and obesity.

Food For Thought

Listen, empathize and respect your partner’s feelings. People tend to respond better when they know their opinion is validated. The more you give, the more you get. Ah, life is regenerative!

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