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About the ProgramProgram Genesis

About the Program

Program Genesis

to developing this program, Mount Sinai researched available training options.
There are many programs that provided general information, but these courses
do not necessarily help investigators, coordinators, and research assistants
translate this information into practice. Thus, after paying thousands of dollars
for training, investigators would expend additional effort and money to educate
their personnel about their specific institutional policies.

Since one inclusive, yet customizable, program could not be found,
Mount Sinai developed its own. In January 2001, Marie Teil, MD, RAC, Director
of Education for Institutional Review Board of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine,
began an educational program that includes Federal and institutional guidelines
and, most importantly translates policy into practice. The approach has been
extraordinarily well received. Hundreds of investigators and coordinators have
been trained in Dr. Teil’s program.

“Dr. Teil’s coherent and sophisticated presentation provides
pragmatic methodology to Mount Sinai’s clinical research community that
has helped
ensure compliance with current regulations. Her skill at tailoring the curriculum
to meet our needs and the specific needs of our affiliates has significantly
reduced confusion, thereby enhancing relationships among clinical researchers,
their staff, the IRB and administration.”

Deborah B. Marin, M.D.
Dean for Clinical Research
George and Marion Blumenthal Professor
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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