More than a Medical Billing Service

Support Services is Pennsylvania’s
premier medical billing service. Since 1993,
providers have relied on Healthcare Support
Services for all of their medical billing
service and practice management needs. Our services now extend
nationwide. Healthcare Support Services
submits HIPAA Compliant electronic insurance claims to
participating insurance carriers. 

Today’s medical
practices run at a hectic pace. Most have a
difficult time keeping up with the day-to-day
tasks of patient care and running an office.
They simply do not have the time or resources
needed to keep current with today’s
ever-changing HIPAA rules and

carriers are decreasing reimbursement
while increasing administrative burdens
and costs.

Now more
than ever, it is vital that providers
establish a decided advantage in their
field through rapid reimbursement,
increased income, and reduced
administrative costs. 

Support Services is here to help
you establish that advantage. 

Support Services understands every
practice is unique. So is our approach to
solving your billing and administrative
problems. We will work with you to find
the best solution to meet your practices


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