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Thin Crust Pizza*
Hand-pulled pizzas with chanterelle mushrooms, ricotta, thyme
and truffle
*Inquire with Chef about adding other ingredients

Hush Puppies with Cheddar and Homemade Ketchup
Fried cornmeal dumplings, white cheddar, brown sugar and
vinegar tomato sauce

Butternut Squash Arancini
Squash risotto croquettes with mascarpone cheese, sage pesto and
caramelized leeks

Potato Samosa
Fried Indian pastries with potatoes, ginger, garlic, mustard seed,
black cumin and cilantro chutney

Falafel, Hummus and Babaganoush with Zatar Crusted
Flat Bread

Homemade falafel, hummus, roasted eggplant dip
and flat bread with pickled onions, feta and olives

Polpette di Melanzane
Eggplant croquettes with mint, pine nuts, grated parmesan
and tomato sauce

Corn Cakes (sopes)
Crispy cakes with grilled zucchini, marinated red onions, avocado,
cilantro, fresh cheese and salsa


Yellow Fin Tuna Escabeche
Lemon marinated tuna with English cucumber,
smoked pepper salsa, avocado, shaved onion, mint and parsley

Crab Cakes with Pickles and Cream
Lump crabmeat, dill, capers, baby pickles, red onion, lemon,
sour cream

Ceviche Mixto
Rock shrimp, scallops, lime, avocado, shaved onion,
aji amarillo pepper and fried quinoa

Fried Fish or Carne Asada Tacos with Avocado, Shaved
Cabbage, Lime, Salsa Fresca and Sour Cream*

Handmade tortillas with cornmeal fried snapper or grilled skirt steak
*pick either fish or beef… *fish can be grilled too!

Sushi Rolls with Tuna, Crab, Avocado, Green Onions and Togarashi
An assortment of fresh seafood rolled with seasoned rice,
green onion, lemon, toasted sesame seeds and dried shiso

Imperial Rolls
Crunchy fried rolls with white shrimp, ground pork, green onions,
Thai basil, ginger and jalapeno- soy, vinegar, green onion sauce

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Grilled Prawns, Lime, Chili
and Garlic

Grilled prawns, glass noodles, mint and chopped peanuts
in soft rice paper with a lime, toasted chili sauce


Pad Thai with Chicken and Prawns
Wok fried rice noodles with chicken, prawns, bean sprouts,
chopped peanuts, green onion, tamarind, garlic and chili

Chicken Empanadas
Braised chicken, rocoto peppers, olives, eggs, flaky pastry

Chicken Phyllo Cones with Saffron, Ginger, Cilantro,
Almonds and Cinnamon

Spice intoxicated chicken in crispy phyllo with almonds and powdered sugar


Beef Tenderloin Marsala Rolls Stuffed with Fried
Eggplant, Peppers and Arugula

Pounded beef-stuffed with cornmeal crusted eggplant, bell peppers
and arugula
Brown butter, caper and shallot Marsala cream sauce

Beef Keftedakia with Tzatziki
Ground beef skewers with mint, garlic and Ouzo
Greek yogurt sauce with dill, lemon and cucumber

Grilled Lamb (or) Chicken Kebabs with Couscous
and Persian Yogurt*

Lamb Sirloin or chicken crusted with (ras el hanout), coriander,
cumin, cardamom, mint, garlic and lemon peel-Couscous,
cucumber, garbanzo, mint salad and Persian yogurt
*pick either lamb or chicken

Pork Shu Mai with Fresh Ginger and Sweet Soy
Ground pork dumplings with chopped shrimp, shitake mushrooms,
lemongrass, oyster sauce and ginger, vinegar fried garlic sauce


Brioche Donuts with Chocolate Ganache or Fruit Preserves
Fried sweet milk dough filled with warm fudgy chocolate or fresh
fruit preserves

Roasted Pear Short Cakes with Bourbon Vanilla Whipped Cream
Buttermilk biscuits, pears, vanilla bean and whipped cream

Apple Croustade (Tart) with Almond Frangipane
Seasonal fruit pies with almond custard

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Whipped Maple
Cream Cheese

Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger cupcakes with maple cream cheese

Espresso dipped Italian finger biscuits,
zabaglione mascarpone mousse and cocoa powder

Mexican Wedding Cookies with Spiced Hot Chocolate
Traditional shortbread cookies with chili infused hot chocolate

Churros Con Chocolate
Spanish style donuts with melted dark chocolate

Traditional crescent pastries stuffed with apricot jam,
walnuts and dried cherries

Homemade graham cracker, dark chocolate AND
toasted homemade marshmallow

Homemade cannoli shells filled with sweet ricotta,
pistachios and chocolate chips

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