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Think about the incredibly thin photos of women you see daily in the media. Your subconscious is absorbing these pictures even though you are not aware of it. Then you find yourself straining to achieve what you now believe is the ultimate female body.

The video that follows presents an insightful glimpse into this issue of women’s body image.

Teenagers are particularly susceptible to the overload of images on television, magazines and the Internet. It’s a constant reminder of what they think they ought to look like. These pictures are supposed to be the “perfect body” for today’s women.

For most people, their body image is strongly influenced by what other people look like. That contributes to their goals for how their bodies should look. These images get implanted in the subconscious mind and are reflected in how they see themselves.

But what exactly constitutes a person’s physical image?

A person’s image of what their body looks like is often distorted by senseless comparisons to what they see in the media. These comparison’s serve no useful purpose.

The “ideal picture” in the media is often an artificial fabrication using today’s exotic computer programs that make it easy to touch up the real images.

It is how we think about our body and how we imagine others see us. People who enjoy a positive self image normally think of themselves as attractive, but people who have a poor self image think of themselves as unattractive.

In extreme cases they may even think of themselves as ugly, telling themselves that’s how other people see them. What’s sad is that perfectly normal, attractive women suffer because they can’t seem to live up to that fake “perfect body.”

Everyone’s concept of themselves changes based on outside factors, in addition to the person’s state of mind at any given moment.

Unfortunately, this current perception of your physical appearance, is strongly influenced by how the media tells you should look if you had the perfect female body. Most likely this has no bearing at all on your real appearance.

Research shows that only 1 in 5 women are happy with their appearance and body weight. No wonder the weight loss industry is so successful in pushing one product after another on these susceptible people.

The age group that is most affected are people in the teen years. Younger people’s self confidence is strongly influenced by how they imagine they look.

Teenage girls are especially at risk of having emotional problems based on how they see their physical appearance. A false perception of their looks can cause psychological issues like extreme dieting or eating disorders.

In the current media driven culture women are depriving themselves of proper nutrition, in order to make themselves fit the current perfect body type.

Children watch their parents, and try to mimic what their parent express as the ideal physical appearance.

It is alarming to consider that children from a young age are absorbing the images that their parents are erroneously pursuing.

As they get into their teen years they are at the mercy of the relentless media setting false, arbitrary concepts of women’s bodies.

The media’s only concern is to placate their advertisers. It’s a nasty vicious cycle that entraps an entire generation, and manipulates how women should look.

People who desire to change their self image and how they perceive themselves do not need to change the way they look. Instead they need to change the way they think about themselves and how attractive they believe themselves to be.

Each of us is an individual. No one can duplicate the look of the latest top model, and they cannot duplicate us. Besides, current top models force themselves to become skin and bones so they can please their employer.

They are certainly not attractive with their skinny legs and bones popping out all over their bodies.

The final step is to learn to accept the diversity that everyone brings to this world. This is a reflection of a person’s individuality. You can’t change the basic structure of your body, and you shouldn’t try to do it.

Learn to love how you look. If you really find that you need to take a few pounds off, consult with your doctor to find out what would be the ideal weight for you.

Only then go on a diet if both you and your doctor agree that you could shed a few pounds.

If you have to lose a few pounds, be sure to follow a natural diet, eating only fresh, nutritious food.

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