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Polk Health is the new go-to place for in-depth news about diet pills, healthy eating, exercises, diet recipes and everything in between.

Why Polk Health?

Like you, we are also tired of reading biased articles (and the not-so-subtle promotions!) in the area of nutritious dieting. Seems like these days, there is no one you can trust when it comes to the discussion of diet pills. The information on the web may be aplenty, but almost 95% of them are skewed for a particular slimming brand. Try this, try that.

We revolutionize the way of disseminating information around, because we believe these types of information should be 100% factual, unprejudiced and wholesome. After all, it’s we are looking into self-esteem here, in the deep end.

We make dieting easy.

Losing weight is one the world’s most rampant health concern. With the overflowing amount of information both online and offline, an average Joe can only take so much.

What to do?

Where to start?

This is where we enter. It is our advocacy to make dieting easier for you.

Why do I need to take a diet pill?

Because you need to back up your diet and exercise. Diet pills are the driving force to a weight loss effort. It ensures that a real weight loss activity is really happening inside you. It’s the catalyst that awakens the body to burn fat more. This is why proper dosage is important.

Recommend a diet pill for me.

We can’t. There are many types of diet pills in the market today and recommending a diet pill is like recommending our favorite books. There are many. And you might not like many of it. And your body is a whole another story. The best way to know what’s good for you is to resort to trial-and-error, or get a prescription from your doctor.

Our articles can help educate the better of you, but it can only do so much.

I’m in this diet pill for a year now. But I think it’s not working.

Then it is not. Chuck it and go find another one. Don’t hang on to something that isn’t working. Diet pills and relationship alike. Diet pills should work the first three months in, with proper exercise and the right food. If you are following the rules and didn’t get any results, it’s time to let go.

What are the best diet pills?

Ever since the launch of the first commercially-marketed diet pill, not one did catapult into classic fame as the one true diet pill. This only means one thing. There would never be a “standard diet pill”.

Dieters always rely on diet pills to cover up excessive eating and the consequent guilt over it. This is heartbreakingly wrong. Proper education on diet pills teaches us that they are only vessels for incremental help, and not a shield for gluttony.

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