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Greetings IMHCA members!

Speaking on behalf of the IMHCA board, we’ve had a busy year. We met together at ICA and appreciate the extra interest and involvement of the members who attended. We welcome your input as well as any who might volunteer to serve on committee or run for any future elected position.

Dana Hunt Unruh has been busy all year putting together our IMHCA sponsored ethics training. She spends untold hours researching the material and writing the curriculum. She provided a spring training and those in attendance returned to their respective communities and taught the same material for counselors through out the state. She is currently preparing her material for the fall.

IMHCA has done a great job publicizing this year’s ‘sex addiction’ workshops. Attendance in Moscow and Meridian have suggested that this is a relevant topic and a real interest area for mental health (as well as marriage and family) counselors.

LDI (ICA sponsored leadership training) in Cascade Idaho was held in June and was well attended by the board. Our board is nearly fully staffed and the talent and dedication of each individual is impressive.

Recently we’ve added Eric Pettingill, from Idaho Falls, to our board. He accepted the PP&L post and is fervently fighting the adoption of the IDAPA rules which would have a huge impact on our ability to provide services for clients who present with chemical addiction. The board has collectively endorsed a letter penned by Eric intended to be reviewed by the state. Hopefully we are not too late in letting our voices be heard.

A special thanks goes to Laurie Geren for serving as IMHCA’s president. Her humor and enthusiasm are rare and wonderful and we want to say ‘thanks’ from all of us.

Additionally, we are consistently advocating for fair and timely reimbursements from all third party payors. This challenge is ongoing and we need our membership to serve as our eyes and ears and thank those of you who have contacted us.

We appreciate your dedication to our profession and we know that you stand with us as we advocate for our clients needs as well as the needs of professionals within the industry. Now more than ever, our society requires skilled and experienced counselors who can  assist clients in their efforts to achieve mental wellness in their individual lives.

Thank you for your support. We want to hear from you and encourage your involvement on any level.

Janet O. Allen Ed.D., LCPC (IMHCA President)

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