… the firm that gets and keeps you in the know. We live in a media dominate world, and public relations in the sense of just getting your message out there is a thing of the past. Now the message or the image has to be not only compelling but multifaceted. Public-Lee can leverage powerful and persausive marketing strategies. Our publicist has your back from the from the red carpet to the boardroom and is even your quarterback in a “media crisis” situation. Public-Lee is the only public relation firm that has worked both sides of the media world as the publicist and the journalist … your guaranteed to be KNOWN with us on your team.


“In no time Public-Lee has propelled me into one of the hottest most sought after event host in the Detroit area. The advice this firm gives is priceless and dead on target when it comes to what it takes to be a hot commodity.”
—Sunshyne, Radio and Television Personality

“Public-Lee is quick thinking and always knows what can grab the interest of people. They not only make it interesting, but they keep it interesting.”
–Aisha Williams, CEO of the Fashion Diaries

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